Igniting Breakthroughs in
CAR-TCR Solid Tumor Therapies

Collaborative Innovation for Conquering Solid Tumors

A private network for CAR-TCR drug developers

designed by CAR-TCR drug developers

Welcome to CAR-TCR Solid Tumor Searchlight, your collaborative beacon against solid tumors. This exclusive network unites global CAR-TCR drug developers, fostering collaboration to ignite breakthroughs in solid tumor therapies.

Solid tumors, making up 90% of global cancer incidences, pose significant challenges. The Searchlight network is committed to tackling these challenges through collective innovation across a spectrum of novel approaches including CAR-T, TCR, NK, TIL, and macrophage cell therapies. Our members, through regular engagement, gain key insights and refine best practices, steering the course of their unique solid tumor programs.

As a member, you join a community of CAR-T leaders, where you can leverage four core pillars of value: meaningful connections, defining best practices, better decision making, and time-saving benefits. Our network operates as a collective, firm in our belief that true innovation is a result of collaboration.

Our annual membership offers unparalleled value through features like virtual cornerstone meetings, year-round support, access to an exclusive online community hub, and bespoke engagements.

Join us today and become part of a global force driving breakthroughs in CAR-TCR development for solid tumors. Together, we can accelerate our journey towards success.

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Business-Defining Dialogues

Quarterly Virtual Workshops

We orchestrate meticulously structured, CAR-TCR-centric, quarterly gatherings for our member companies.

These high-impact 90-minute virtual meetings held via Zoom serve as a crucible for innovation, with a tightly-focused agenda curated around the most pressing topics and challenges flagged by our Searchlight members.

To guarantee the highest value and maximum impact, each member company is represented by a dedicated internal champion with strategic insight into its CAR-TCR program. This ensures the generation of practical insights and actionable outputs that members can implement within their respective organizations.

A focus on solving shared challenges​

The topic ranked pre-competitive challenges chosen by the networks founding partners to tackle this year:

CAR-TCR Searchlight - Discussion areas
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Network with the best in the field

Gain insider knowledge and insights from scientific advisors

Preet Chaudhary - Professor of Medicine @ Keck School of Medicine of USC

Preet Chaudhary
Professor of Medicine
Keck School of Medicine of USC

Travis Young - Vice President & Director @ Scripps

Travis Young
Vice President & Director - Protein Sciences & Biologics
Scripps Research

Innovation doesn’t happen in isolation

Searchlight makes meaningful progress

“It's an opportunity to share experience from the challenges and solutions that I've seen over the my career and also to learn from others to better prepare for what is coming in advanced therapy development.

“The biggest advantage of collaboration is to advance a field more quickly for the benefit of the patient. This platform will allow everybody share their experience, success and failures and together so we can advance our therapies forward more quickly”

“I believe that to advance a field as a collective, it's vital to exchange experience and learnings with peers. This network can allow us to channel the energy we all share for the science into better understanding of concepts to address solid tumors with cell therapy.”

The Searchlight platform

Build meaningful relationships and gain value all year around

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Instant messaging

Contact fellow members via the private or group chat features. 

Member meetups

Come together with leaders throughout the community at virtual cornerstone meetings and in-person gatherings at Hanson Wade conferences. 

On demand

Explore the library of business critical content and videos on demand via the thematic rooms and content channels. 

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Membership brochure

For more information on what’s included as part of the CAR-TCR Solid Tumor: Searchlight membership, please download our membership brochure.

Here’s what you’ll learn more about:

  • The unique mission and purpose of the network
  • What membership includes
  • How the quarterly cornerstone meetings work
  • How bespoke value delivery works
  • How we deliver demonstrable value to you
  • Annual member investment

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